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István Bárczy Square. The square was named in 2009 in honour of the mayor famous for his urban development program. According to the original plans, public baths should have been built here.  Similarly to Eperfa and Ottmár Győri squares, István Bárczy Square was renovated following the proposal of the Community Association with the contribution of the residents of Wekerle. The monument in the park lists the names of the architects known to have taken part in the planning of Wekerle Estate. A bicycle track and a “chit-chatting corner” can also be found here.

If “architecture is music frozen in time” (Schlegel), then

“The architect is a frozen musician”

said the architect Jenő Kismarty-Lechner, technology professor, a leading figure of the architecture community at the beginning of the 20th century.

The Frozen Musicians statue commemorating the architects of Wekerle Estate is a unique 2 octave creation tuned to 14 sounds.

On each of its tubular bells the name of an architect of Wekerle is written. The instrument plays a special song.