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The starting point of our walk is the office of the Wekerle Community Association – Wekerlei Társaskör Egyesület (10 Károly Kós Square).

First, we recommend experiencing the little zigzag streets of Wekerle Estate, and discover the Károly Kós Square at the end of your walk. Following the route marked on the map, proceed ahead on Thököly Street. On your right you will immediately notice the former post office closed in 2007.

As part of the well-developed public institution network, the post office was opened in 1913 and offered its high-quality services to the residents of the estate. The first floor of the building housed the postmaster’s apartment, while the post office operated on the ground floor. With the passage of time, the once ornate doorway of the post office was removed, the entrance was moved to the porch, and new apartments were built on the ground floor.

Walking forward, the towered buildings on both sides provide more emphasis to street corners. These buildings were originally built for school headmasters, comprising of 2 apartments with true bourgeoisie homes featuring 3 full-size rooms and a bathroom. In their towers the spiral staircases with wrought-iron balustrades that connect the different floor levels may be found.