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Hársfavirág Square. This square created in a symmetrical pattern and surrounded by typical buildings was renewed in 2010, when it received its new name as well. The ornate house was planned by Géza Fiala, whose name is also linked to the Ágyúgyár Workers’ Estate in Győr. In the centre of the square, you can rest on the tulip ornate benches while comparing the current view with the old pictures depicting the period of construction. The alley in the Tamás Esze Street is beautiful all year round and it is a must-see sight!

ALTERNATIVE ROUTE : Start walking on Kábel Street, then turn left on Corvin Boulevard! A bit further away, on the right you may see the former caretaker’s house, which has the same layout as the houses built for the doctors. Ottmár Győri and his family used to live here. Today, a senior centre operates here. From here you can head back to Tamás Esze Street, while enjoying the view of two and four apartment buildings on the peculiar little streets of Wekerle. On Huba Street, on the left, the house of the former medical officer is visible, which today gives home to a day care centre. The houses built for doctors were originally typical houses comprising three mezzanine rooms, a doctor’s office and a servant room.

The streets of the estate were exclusively named after important figures in Hungarian history. In the 1950s, the names of several streets were changed due to ideological reasons, thus, among the streets bearing names such as Csaba, Huba, Saint Imre some Easter eggs may also be found like Kábel (cable) Street, which was formerly known as Szabolcs Street. The former Zalán Street was then named into Corvin Boulevard, while the Tamás Esze Street unites the former Saint László, Saint István and King Endre streets.