6. stop

Walking further on Tamás Esze Street you can reach a new school building. In the area, considered the second centre of the estate, a kindergarten, the former school number 2 (now Erkel school), and a headmaster’s building can be found, as well as the new sports hall finished in 2014.

In the buildings of the kindergartens, two spacious teaching rooms and next to the playroom a two-room apartment for teachers were created. The folkloristic ornaments and the elements of the facade – the decorated frames of the windows, the designs of the separating elements, the studded brick footing, the carved pillars and the ornately carved balustrade– give the building a fairy tale-like atmosphere.

On the corner on the right, another tower steeple of a villa-like headmaster’s building emerges. Such buildings are located at the top of the triangle-shaped school buildings, where the tower-like staircase gives emphasis to the intersection and the street corner.